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Phoenix Fitness
Personal Training Studio

Exercise empowers us and gives us sense of well being!

Phoenix Fitness
Personal Training Studio

Exercise empowers us and gives us sense of well being!

Fitness Programs

One-on-one goal oriented personal training: Our most popular program. You receive individualized attention from one of our trainers to plan and achieve your fitness goals Youth training: One-on-one training for 8-18 year olds. A great way for young people to learn how to exercise to control their weight, as well as for young athletes looking to improve their strength and conditioning for a specific sport both in season and off season.

Specialty Programs

Post-rehab transition and integration program: For people who have recently completed post injury/post surgical rehabilitation and are cleared to progress to a community based gym program. This is a perfect program for the individual who has already been attending rehabilitation on a several time a week basis and is now ready to use that time to progress to the next step in their health and fitness. Our qualified staff will help you set realistic goals that are specific to your needs and then guide you through a program that will be progressed on a regular basis. In addition you will be educated in appropriate exercise and fitness techniques and learn the best way to progress on your own, should you so desire.

Pre- and Post-Childbirth Programs

The demands of pregnancy can place a strain on a woman’s body. Numerous studies have suggested that an appropriate exercise program can help to enhance your health and well being both during and after pregnancy. Some of the benefits of exercising while pregnant include helping you feel better by boosting your energy level and relieving stress, relieving back ache and improving posture, reducing certain gastrointestinal problems by accelerating intestinal movement, preventing excessive wear and tear on your joints, and sleeping better. Also, the more physically fit woman will be better prepared for the rigors of labor. By exercising throughout your pregnancy you will maintain your fitness level and you are less likely to gain excess weight, thereby enhancing your ability to lose weight after your baby is born. An appropriate post-pregnancy exercise program will help the new mother return to and, in many cases, improve upon her pre-pregnancy physical condition.

Sports-Specific Training

Whether you are a professional athlete seeking to perfect your game, a determined competitor looking for that extra edge, or an active student intent on achieving peak performance in any competitive or recreational sport, we can help. Our instructors can assist you in optimizing your athletic performance before, during, and after the season by focusing on the specific movements and muscle groups used in your sport and by implementing a rigorous conditioning program.

Who else can benefit from personal training?

  • Peri-menopausal women
  • People with osteoporosis/osteopenia
  • Overweight persons
  • Deconditioned persons
  • Those seeking to improve their flexibility
  • Those seeking to improve their well-being

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